On Sabbatical

I am in a weird place of career and direction limbo. I graduated college on May 16th, 2015 with a Bachelors of Arts in both Psychology and Women’s and Gender studies, with no real sense of what is next. I have all these passions and desires to in some way purse a career in social justice, while making bank and no concrete real plan on how to make these dreams into reality and this my friend is scaring the living shit out of me. However, instead of doing the whole cliché, moving back in with the parents thing, that large amounts or recent college graduates supposedly do, I am doing something a little bit different. During my last day on campus I packed up my life and sent it back to Memphis with my Mama, but I moved to the small town of Fostoria, Ohio. I think Fostoria is a sweet little place. Once a booming train town with flourishing factories and middle class aspirations, but now it serves as my little secret safe haven. I bet you are wondering what brought me to Fostoria. Well one of my best college buds was born and raised here and I and I feel in love with the magic of this little town while visiting on Sprig Break with her and even came back again for a weekend bar event. I love Fostoria, because everybody knows everybody, there are constant tea parties, always something interesting going on, a new story to hear, a new person to meet, and I just find small town living to be so fucking fascinating. There should be an ethnography done on the townsfolk here, I swear its the only place where you can party with the mayor of the town in the same bar as a bunch of country White folk and small groups of young Black people, something I would never see in Memphis. I don’t know how long my stay here will be, especially because my mother is about to all but demand that I come home for a bit, and I was recently accepted to a top tier grad school. However, my plan so far is to just debrief for a little while, do a little writing, some self-reflection, and give myself sometime to dedicate to really thinking about what I would like my next steps to be in my new Big Girl Life.

-Live from the FO with Love,




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