My Relationships with (Wealthy)White Men at School

Gay- One of my very best friends. We have been inseparable since we met our freshman year. This guy may be small in statue but he has the heart of a giant. If you ever need someone to fight for you, I mean defend you with all of his might, he is your guy and I can guarantee you that he is a champion. A lot of people sit around and complain about how unjust and oppressive the world is, but he is the one that will actually do something about it, and he won’t stop until change has been made. Audre Lorde said to “turn silence into language and action” and that’s something that he strives to every day. He pushes me to believe in my self like he believes in me, comforts me whenever I get too overwhelmed, and throughout the years he has really challenged me to own my education by fighting for it aggressively.  He is an advocate and activist for LGBTQ Rights and Equality and is just a real world changer. I think he has an IQ that would rival Einstein because he is so intelligent, some times annoyingly so 🙂 I really do love this man, my mama even loves him, and I am honored to call him one of my very best friends. I think the stars aligned perfectly on the day that we met.  I love him so much!

My Neighbor- I just meet him this year. I will admit that I judged him at first because his a wealthy heterosexual frat guy, but I shouldn’t have judged him that was wrong of me. He has challenged my perceptions of frat guys, especially because he comes and supports us queers. He is a really interesting fellow and a genuinely nice guy. He comes by sometimes when he is partying and hangouts with me and my roomies, and we often have heart to hearts in the wee hours of the morning. This  guy is hilarious and I believe that he loves his girlfriend with all of his heart. His love and devotion to her is a beautiful thing.

The Multi-Millaionare Trust Fund Sweetheart-

I meet him last summer through a mutual friend and we have been friends ever since. He is an alum that graduated 2 years ago and will be beginning an Ivy League law school this fall. Once again I am guilty of judging him before I got to know him. I just assumed that some trust fund guy would be douche because of all of his privilege, but this guy is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. To be honest, I know broke folk with bigger egos. He is the definition of sweetheart.  He just oozes kindness and has a very soothing ora about him, and he is down for the cause. We haven’t really talked too often since the beginning of last summer, but he often likes my social media post and texts me sporadically. Anyways, he wanted to come to my marriage performance yesterday, but he got caught up at work and couldn’t drive down in time(he is a Michigander). However, he made it his business to come hangout with me last night and we had a really nice talk about our summer women heartbreaks, career goals, friends and life in general. He is living prof that money is not the root of all evil, because his loaded with the green, but his is also loaded with compassion, empathy, kindness and a heart for social justice.

The Future MD

This guys is gorgeous, I mean brains and brawns baby. I love superman and honey this guy looks like Clark Kent, flawless. Not only is he gorgeous, he is also brilliant and I am confident that he will be a great doctor. I can’t wait for his dreams to come true for him because a)he is so driven and because b) he cares about us queers.I once questioned his interest in LGBTQ issues because he popped up out of no where my junior year and got heavily involved in queer life on campus. However, I now know that his intentions have been pure all along and once again I was wrong for judging. He has very optimistic outlook on life and we often have the most interesting conversations. I can talk to him forever and not even notice the time fly by. The poor fellow will stay up all night to study for a physics exam, write 3 lab reports and have to go to 5 meetings because he is so active and involved on campus. I’ve really seen him blossom into a wonderful guy they kind of guy I would love to wife up if I was I was a opposite gender loving woman. *fans self*

Let me just admit that I am very skeptical of the wealthy white men on campus. I’ve just seen so many get drunk and destroy school property, heard to many horror stories of sexual assault, and have had too many microaggressions occur to me as well as my other friends from that population of folk.  However, I cannot generalize and stereotype all of the wwm at school based on the actions of a few foolish guys. Instead these guys, my guys, my friends, are not the stereotypical White frat guys, they are complex multifaceted individuals, and I find it so interesting that  (with the exception of they gay one) they all chose to purse a friendship with me. Even though I was skeptical at first and tried to keep them at arms length, they have all worked their way into my heart where they were meant to be all along and I’m sure the feeling is mutual 🙂


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