Something old

Laura Mamo states “women ‘want’ children and ‘want’ conceptive technologies because they are socialized to want them and that having children reproduces sex inequalities.” What would happen if women were not socialized into wanting to have children?

-I remember as a young girl I loved baby dolls, especially Cabbage Patch Kids.  I would ask for a new baby doll for every birthday, I received baby dolls as presents throughout the school year for making good grades, and I received them from multiple family members for Christmas presents. I would learn about the latest baby doll from the numerous never ending commercials that would interrupt my favorite television shows. My friends and I would boast about who had the most baby dolls and when we played house we would argue over who would have the most children. As a young girl in elementary school I was convinced that because I had the most baby dolls I would have the most babies when I grew up. At the time I really thought I was supposed to have lots of babies. With that being said, women are raised to have children. We are given these baby dolls at young ages and our mothers teach us how to hold the babies in our arms, as well as how to feed and change them.  Our minds are infiltrated with commercials of baby dolls. Even Barbie dolls eventually had babies.  We are taught to be baby makers and it is unfair. Boys are not given baby dolls and they are not taught how to take care of children. I have never seen a baby doll commercial advertised to boys because they are given action figures, super hero strong men with muscles.  Even commercials for Ken dolls, Barbie’s boyfriend, were advertised to girls. They get strong toys and are taught to be strong and we get BABIES!  I believe that if women were not brainwashed into wanting to have children there would be less unhappy mothers, marriages would last longer, less children would be neglected, and there could might even be a lower teenage pregnancy rate. I do think that reproduction is the number one oppressor of women. If women were not pressured into reproduction they would be content with living a successful career and not feel as if they were lacking something.  Women would be totally free if they were not socialized into reproduction. We have to be our own action figures.


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