Wrapping Up Black Authenticity

As the course is coming to a close, it is important for me to rethink some of the themes that stuck out to me the most this semester. One of which is the notion of being authentically black. This video talks about some things that Rush Limbaugh said to question President Obama’s black authenticity. I found it interesting that Limbaugh thought that he was an expert on Black culture, and that he knew “the struggle” enough to question if someone was authentic enough. It was also interesting to hear that one of the authentications of Blackness, is supposedly a an ancestral tie to slavery. After weeks of talking about the black identity, and personally identifying as black, I can honestly say that I cannot even operationally define what it means to be black. I can only give my opinion of what I view Black to be, and to me blackness is a conglomeration of historical events, dark shades of skin color, stereotypes, oppression, and most of all progress and survival. What is Black Authenticity to you?


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  1. “I can honestly say that I cannot even operationally define what it means to be black.”

    That is the line that stuck out to me in this post because it is the same exact conclusion I have drawn from this course as well. I am always fascinated by the fact that BLACK has to be defined for everyone and that it cannot be multifaceted. It has to be ONE thing and that is an unfair hand to be dealt. I also feel the same way about other racial and ethnic categories. There is not ONE definition of a certain kind of people. In terms of BLACKNESS, we must, as a people, reclaim our identity as something that is beautiful, unique, and something that transcends ONE mold.

    Great post DG!

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