I Ain’t Surprised

I ran across this video, on the Denison Feminist’s Facebook page and my initial reaction was, “WOW”. I must say there was a shock factor, and then I went all Olivia Pope, and started to think, “now ain’t this a real scandal!” But folks I ain’t surprised. Watching this reminded me of a discussion we had in class about rappers and their images, and how no matter how big they seem to us, they are not in charge. They are still largely controlled by the mostly white, male, executives, and these executives have a huge say in their images. This video did three things for my life
1. It reminded me that in 2014, while i do attended a predominately white institution, and my president is BLACK, there are still people in elevated positions of power, that basically hate me for no other reason than my skin is a beautiful ebony color.
2. Although people of color have made dramatic impacts on this country, like Magic Johnson , our accomplishments can be easily pushed aside and disregarded even in our fields of expertise.
3. It reiterated the fact that I cannot expect people to change, or do what is seemingly right and just, because they don’t have to, instead this video motivated me to want to fight harder especially with finals knocking on my door. I will be the change I want to see, there are a lot of stupid racist people out there, but there are a lot of good ones too, and the face of America is changing so all those in denial supremacist folks better be aware, because the U.S.A is not a white out any more, its a rainbow.



  1. Dg, I found this audio clip extremely difficult to hear. Similarly to you, I also was not surprise that a white man in power had such ignorant views. Most importantly, I am really glad that this video was put to light because it allows others to realize how racism still operates in America. Also, I found this video really interesting. http://feministing.com/2014/04/28/watch-jay-smooth-on-the-donald-sterling-tapes-and-the-psychology-of-racism-and-sexism/

  2. A lot of people are calling for him to step down/be forced to step down. I finally posted on this even though I was attempting to refrain from doing so. It was difficult to listen to, but it was also interesting and equally as difficult to listen to responses from Magic Johnson, Shaq, and others. Simply put, these men are HURT, but few of them are SURPRISED. There is a lot going on behind this audio being released and though the young woman that supposedly released it reportedly has some motives for doing so I am honestly happy that it got released. People need to start dealing with these issues and the systems that have been constructed around them. The NBA, WNBA, and other organizations are not immune to sentiments like this just because black men and women play within them. Great Post DG!

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