My Bible is My Best Friend

The class reading of Booty candy Inspired me to write this…. 

Kary: Girl look at this weather, they say a storm is coming .

Marge: But God !!! The Lord will make a way.

Kary: I heard that. So you know my girl Rihanna was dressed to the nines at that award show, yasss! Rihanna Navy Bitches! 

Marge: But the bible says a loose woman shall not enter the kingdom of heaven and you know that it is unholy to idolize. That jezebel is nothing to admire. 

Kary: Ummmm. Ok girl, so do you want to go to Red Lobster with me and Tyrone, I mean its technically and unofficial date but it would be fun if you came? 

Marge: My bible denounces eating shell fish and my eyes can not handle fornication, you know Tyrone is a man that likes to poke, and its unholy to let him poke you or even think about the act!!! Heathen.

Kary: Girl so do you want to go or not?

Marge: Just let me have a little talk with Jesus, but I will have no part in sinning…… does he have a cousin? 



  1. Wow! Interesting post. This post has some truth to it because sadly I know some people like this whereas they believe the bible has something to say about everything in their lives. The bible consumes the minds of so many people in their daily lives that they don’t even notice it. Your ending surprisingly is she states she won’t be apart of the sinning but then chooses to go along with the cousin. Asserting that most people that read the bible still sin. I’m assuming?…

  2. This blog is interesting. In many ways it articulates and displays images people who takes the bible as their life guidance for everything they do. I think you make an interesting point that most people that read the bible still sin. I think that many ways all people sin on some sort of level. I’m just wondering how exactly do they get an response from God in a matter of a couple of minutes? I can only imagine that’s to live a life where you consult with the bible for your every move is pretty stressful.

  3. I often have a very strong issue with individuals that feel the BIBLE, a book written by human beings is to be so directly translated so matter of factly in some instances of life, but not in others. I appreciate this post because for me it highlights just how condescending individuals are when it comes to religion. Religion is more often used nowadays as a weapon against than as a tool to bring people together. One of the sayings that this post reminds me of is “Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you do.”

    Thanks for posting DG!

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