No More Sexsim

In class we discussed a few evangelists that spoke out about sex in the black church. Juanita Bynum’s “No More Sheets” series stuck out to me the most. From what I understood about the series, it was targeted to women, to stress the importance of abstinence until marriage. As a reward of the woman’s abstinence she would eventually be blessed with a loving and god fearing husband. I decided to watch a few more clips and each one sent the same message, which was to abstain from sex and then God would send you a husband. It seemed as if this was a message of asexuality because not once did Bynum suggest that the women could have great sex, or any sex at all with their future husbands. I found this to be very sexist because Bynum is saying you have to be committed and married to a man before you can have sex, but she does not say that this man is going bring you pleasure or fulfillment. You are supposed to wait on this magical man to appear before you can do a normal act. What happens if you never get married, if the wonderful man cheats on you, if he doesn’t want to have sex, or if you are not pleased with him sexually? Why is it that this campaign is only targeted to women? No one’s life should be put on hold for a marital partner, especially one that is not obligated to pleasure them. I think women should keep their sheets, by lots of sheets and pillows, but burn the sexism!


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  1. Can I just add that sex isn’t always about pleasure. Sure pleasure is good but a person’s personality and care is worth way more than that. I feel as if Bynum didn’t make that suggestion about the nature of the sex because that isn’t important. What’s important is the idea that a woman’s body is a temple and shouldn’t be used for pleasure but instead for her husband. I believe that is the main point. Women these days having sex with all different types of men because they have the right too but who’s to say that is right or wrong? My personal belief is that women shouldn’t be just giving her body away to just anyone it has to be a special connection maybe even marriage. I’m not one to judge nobody but I don’t feel like abstinence is a bad thing. Just like homosexuality is a way of life so is abstinence, you make the choice to live how you want.

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