Human Rights

Often times, when we think about LGBTQ rights, most people usually think about gays and lesbians, which excludes the experiences of trans and bisexual people. Because of this, the lives and experiences of Trans people continue to go ignored, especially trans people of color. As a result the leading issue of gay rights has become marriage. While I’m all for folks getting married because everyone should have the right to marry who they love, gay marriage is only obtainable by an elite percentage of queer people which are: those who live in or can afford to travel to states that grant same-sex marriage and those who can afford the court house fees. Marriage is a right but also a privilege. Well same-sex marriage is not an important issue to the trans community. For example,Trans people need affordable healthcare, they need protection so that they can be able to walk the streets at night and not be attacked, they need to be able to use bathrooms that they can feel safe and comfortable in, and they need to be able to live where they want on college campuses. Most importantly,they need to have their dignity respected and their voice heard. So they next time, you see a commercial with a gay or lesbian white couple getting married, I dare you to ask “where are the trans people?”.  It’s about time we acknowledge trans issues because they deserve justice too. Gays were no the only ones in Stonewall. 



  1. You bring up several good points DG. One of which is the fact that the big underlying issues are often overlooked in relation to the Trans community. There is so much that the Trans community cannot achieve because of their limited access to resources, jobs, and opportunities. I also like how you stress the fact that Trans people cannot be lumped into the fight for Marriage Equality because there are greater issues they are fighting against. Beautiful sentiments and great post DG!

  2. Hi DG,
    I think you raise important issues such as how trans issues are sometimes over looked by gay issues. The important question to ask now is, where do we go from here? How do we continue to raise these issues in order to educate society?

  3. This is a very interesting post you wrote here DG! Often in time when same sex marriage is on the surface, people often forget about the transgender community. When talking about the LGBTQ community, transgender people are left out of the conversation. How can we include their voices without privileging the gay and lesbian voices?

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