Everyone is Gay

Last week, Outlook brought ” Everyone is Gay” to campus. They were two speaker, simply spreading the message of being kind to people and giving advice on LGBTQ and human rights related issues. Needless to say, they were pretty awesome. That event, coupled with a conversation that I had in class made me realize that Everyone is gay. We are all queer (different in our own way) because no two people are exactly alike, not even identical twins. I wish people could get passed their homophobic, racist, sexist, misogynistic ways. I really don’t understand why its so hard to just love and accept someone for who they are. Its 2014 and there are bigger issues in the world than stopping same-sex marriage. This world is so screwed up, with disease, poverty, the sex-trade, murder and the list goes on and on. Let the gays be, because you might not be as “normal” as you think you are yourself. Besides who’s to say whats really “normal” anyways.



  1. I was actually VERY happy when I saw this commercial. I enjoyed the event last week as well. I believe the title of this post is precisely accurate. Everyone feels the same, loves the same, bleeds the same, and experiences life the same. The ONLY exception is that people in same sex relationships are judged, demeaned, and told their love is wrong. Same-Sex marriage is not a matter of national importance because no one should be able to intrude into your life, bust down your bedroom door, and tell you that WHO you are is wrong. Brilliant post DG.

  2. I second Brittane, I really liked your post DG and agree with your sentiments. There was a book by Kate Bornstein that I read for the class “Gender and Communication” that I took my sophomore year and in it Bornstein argued that anyone who doesn’t strictly adhere to society’s rigid definitions of “masculinity” and “femininity” could arguably be seen as transgender because their gender performance defies traditional binaries and boundaries. I thought that Bornstein’s argument was a really interesting way of challenging people to rethink ideas of “normal” and “deviant” as you do in your post. Also, thanks for sharing this commercial!

  3. Awww, this commercial is so cute! It would be nice if more advertisements could show how diverse families can be. By 2014, we should be able to accept different people, and various ways of living. Along with this, we should treat these families normally like everyone else.

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