She Ain’t Even Know It

(fast forward to 4:39)
In, Rocko’s song ft. Rick Ross, “You ain’t even know it”, Rick Ross clearly and boldly raps, “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it, I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it” . Molly is the name of a popular date rape drug used on women. Rick Ross even goes as far as saying he took her to his place and “enjoyed that… she ain’t even know it”. Now I interpreted this statement as, he drugged and raped a women in his home. However, in the interview Ross, says that he would never condone rape and that he would never talk about it on his records. So am I missing something, was the Molly he was singing about some sort of aphrodisiac and not a date rape drug? If so, I ain’t even know it. I find it problematic, that he even felt that those lyrics were not offensive. This type of craziness reinforces the stereotypes of the “black male deviant” and the black male as a rapist. It sends the message that we must hide the women from black men because they are not safe and won’t even know what hits them when the black man attacks. Whats even more crazy is that this song is still available to the public. People all over the world can hear this song, and because it sounds cool, or its Rick Ross rapping, they could get the impression that rape is ok. Is Ross performing what he thinks his view of a rapper is? Do you think he genuinely doesn’t view those lyrics as rape? Has rap, well some forms of rap gone to far? I sure think so. What can we do about it?



  1. Rick Ross states that he didn’t say rape which he didn’t but her sure did imply it. The lyrics are straight forward “put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it, I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it”. Soooo she didn’t know that she was a product of enjoyment? (sounds like rape to me). Ross has to cater to the concerns of his viewers so of course he had to state that he doesn’t condone rape. This form of rape has most def gone too far. He puts a drug that can kill her in her drink and then “enjoy it”. I believe he knew what those lyrics meant when he said them. But that’s black male dominance for you.

  2. Truth to be told, Rick Ross is one of my favorite rappers! I really like his music because it makes me hype and I like working out to his music. However, I do not support the things he rap about or say. I think that because of the music industry he is forced to rap and say things that are offensive to women. Being that he is one of the over weight rappers, he wants to prove to other rappers that he can get women to. Though this is a weak move that he makes, he is inserting his masculinity into his lyrics. I think he wants to show his audience that despite his weight, he too, can be like the majority of male rappers and get women if he chose too.

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